Butterfly Lion



Black Ink Tattoo with the image of a Lion and a Butterfly.

21cm x 15cm

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Always wanted to know if a Tattoo suits you? Do you want a Tattoo for a few days?
Then try the TattoosForDays by GetGlitterBaby!

Buy Temporary Tattoos at TattoosForDays. The Tattoo will stay beautiful for 2-5 days, depending on where you put it. With this Tattoo you can completely change your look. Combine multiple tattoos for an extra cool effect. You can put the Tattoo wherever you want. Decorate for example your hand, arm or thigh. The Tattoo is super cool to a Party or Festival. At TattoosForDays by GetGlitterBaby you will find many different kinds of Tattoos; Colored Tattoos, Tattoo Sleeves, Gold Tattoos, White Tattoos and all kind of Tattoos for different Events. Super cool for a Festival, Party or just during your daily activities! And when you’re tired of the tattoo, just take it off! Super cool!

How to use:
The Tattoo is easy to apply. Cut out the part you want to use, remove the translucent part of the black layer and put the white paper with the Tattoo on your skin. Use a wet sponge to gently dab the white paper and remove the paper from your skin after 10 seconds. The temporary Tattoo will remain in place when you shower.


– Do NOT apply body lotion before you put the Tattoo on, the Tattoo may not adhere well to the skin.
LOOK OUT with too much body hair.
WAIT for the Tattoo to dry before putting on clothes. This may damage the Tattoo.
DO NOT apply sunscreen on the Tattoo. Bodylotion is OK.

How long does the tattoo last?
Neck 3-5 days
Chest or Back 2-3 days
Arm 3-5 days
Wrist 2-5 days
Hand 2 days
Leg or Ankle 4-7 days

Once the Tattoo is applied properly, you can shower with it, or apply body lotion without damaging the Tattoo. You can also swim and sunbathe with it.

Tattoo removal:
Easily remove the tattoo with a little nail polish remover. Put a little remover on a cotton wool and wipe over the tattoo. Super easy!

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